Notes From The Coast

The beach does funny things to the brain

Life as I know it.

A lot has changed since last year. In April 30th of 2011, I was sitting at a pool in Maui crying into my pina colada over a British coward.

Since then, I’ve met the true man of my dreams, my hero, best friend, partner and soulmate. He comes complete with a six-year-old precocious, smart, loving daughter. And me? Well, I’ve finally begun to understand the meaning and power of love, trust and compromise.

Here I will celebrate, cope, muse, rant and write out the contents of my head. Which will include topics including but not limited to: road rage, making the perfect seafood risotto, buying plastic beach toys, wanderlust, the incredible healing powers of a glass of Chardonnay, exes, the need for quiet time, the fear (and then blessings) of change, the unfairness of adult acne, the important of thread count and midnight dance parties to the best vinyl money can buy I. So…. all the fun stuff.

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