Notes From The Coast

The beach does funny things to the brain


It’s hard to write an “About Me” page without it sounding like a profile. Name, age, stats, profession and quirky but lovable interests.

So, let’s not do that. There are two versions of me. There is the me the world sees – the sociable, strong, and capable me. And then there is the other me, the quiet one that thinks a little harder, loves a little deeper, and dreams all the time. I’m forever attempting to bring these two versions of myself together into one unified voice.

The closest I get is on paper (or virtual paper, like this blog). That’s the beautiful, scary thing about writing…. you can’t hide.

Thanks for stopping by.


4 responses to “About

  1. Alice Laho says:

    Hi Carrie…By sheer good fortune I came across your blog. Sorry to hear of your father’s passing. Love and a hug .
    I was a friend of your mother. Your writing reminds me so much of her. Oh, by the way my name is Alice Laho
    I am in a wheelchair. Don’t know if you remember me. I enjoy reading your blog ,thought provoking, funny, sad
    and very insightful. god’s blessings on your upcoming marriage.

    • Hi Alice,
      Of course, I remember you! Thank you for the kind words about the loss of my dad. He was such a good man and I’ll miss him so much. He helped me in so many ways. i can’t believe he is gone.
      I also have to tell you how much your compliment about my writing means to me. I loved my mom’s writing. I still feel her some days in small ways. I still light candles every night and I can sense her there with me sometimes. I think Mom would have loved the man I’m marrying. He is strong but sensitive and kind. He takes great care of me while letting me be myself too. He encourages my writing. And he sings all the time. Mom would have loved him. Thank you for reading and I’ll be posting more as time goes by and my sadness eases. Really lovely to hear from you Alice. Please stay in touch. Love, Carrie

  2. bob Beesley says:

    A bittersweet event…hearing sad news about your father…and sad to realize that I Haven’t heard from him since
    He orchestrated our beloved aunt Alices’s will . I am his cousin Bob((Beesley). your grandmother Maldo had a sister
    “Louise”, and I am Loiise’s only son: Bob
    At age 12 my family escaped Detroit, and landed in Southern California. I adjusted to the new culture, and now, after
    12 occupations I have retired. It sucks! my wife and I hang out in our townhouse in Dana Point. In the next few months I am hoping that there would be an opportunity for you to come visit. hope you are not prejudiced against
    Senior citizens…anyhow, I am probably the youngest 83 year old you will ever encounter!!
    So there”…. Bob Beesley. 33611 Capstan Drive , Dana Point, CA92629.

    • Hello, Bob!

      Thank you for the kinds words about Dad. I really loved him and I miss him so much already. He was so good to me and such an inspiration. it’s good to be in touch with family!

      I, too, escaped Detroit when I was 25. I got a job transfer out here and I’ve made a decent life for myself. I’m engaged to be married to a wonderful man, Dad approved of him! And all things are going well out here.

      I would love to come for a visit down to Dana Point. I’m sorry to hear retirement is a little slow…but it’ll get better! And, we have no prejudice against senior citizens at all! You guys tend to have great stories and i’m a writer! My email address is if you’d ever like to write me there. Perhaps we can set up a visit in the next couple months. Thank you again for writing and please stay in touch! Love, Carrie

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